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Movie Piracy

For more information on Movie Piracy visit www.afact.org.au
Wangaratta Cinema Centre supports the efforts of the organisation 'Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft' (AFACT) in their efforts to prevent, aprehend and prosecute offenders who record movies within our cinema. A flyer specifying the policy adopted by Wangaratta Cinema Centre can be downloaded HERE and is on each cinema door, at box office and at the podium.

For more information on Movie Piracy visit www.afact.org.au

IMPORTANT INDUSTRY NEWS. A three-year-long behind battle over how far the U.S. and other countries should go in using trade agreements to protect against piracy and counterfeiting ended Monday as the text of a proposed Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement was released by negotiators for 40 countries.
The 21-page agreement ?? pushed by movie studios and the recording industry -- would create procedures for resolving intellectual-property disputes in countries that include the U.S., Japan, Mexico, Australia, Canada and the European Union.
Notably missing from the talks is China, which is the leading source of pirated goods. With Wednesday's move, the countries are clearly hoping to use their collective leverage to bring China to the table. Negotiations took place in Tokyo.
The agreement gives customs officials the authority to seize any pirated materials from movies, music and books to branded products without a formal court order.
It also requires countries to provide legal procedures to "permit effective action against any act of infringement of intellectual property rights,? in ways that would be a serious deterrent to piracy and counterfeiting.
Each country also will have to provide judicial procedures in which content owners could assert their rights and be paid fair and equitable payment for violations.
??These procedures shall not be unnecessarily complicated or costly or entail unreasonable time limits or unwarranted delays,? states the agreement, which would force several countries to alter their laws.