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Date Night




Fast and Furious 7


Excited for Fast & Furious 7? You may have more reason to be now!

In great anticipation of the latest addition to the Fast and Furious franchise, we have dedicated a midnight screening of the film, April 2nd!

Still not enough for you? You better believe there's more.

For those loyal and dedicated fans, in the lead-up to the midnight launch, we will also be screening Fast Five, and Fast & Furious 6!

Come and help us celebrate the release of what is surely going to be yet another exciting and action packed instalment to the series by jumping in and buckling up for our marathon, an experience sure to leave the heart racing.


For those fans that can't make it to the midnight session of Furious 7 but still want to relive the action of Fast 5 and Fast & Furious 6 on the big screen you can do that too! At discount prices



Movie Piracy

For more information on Movie Piracy visit www.afact.org.au
Wangaratta Cinema Centre supports the efforts of the organisation 'Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft' (AFACT) in their efforts to prevent, aprehend and prosecute offenders who record movies within our cinema. A flyer specifying the policy adopted by Wangaratta Cinema Centre can be downloaded HERE and is on each cinema door, at box office and at the podium.

For more information on Movie Piracy visit www.afact.org.au

Read more: Movie Piracy


Digital Movie Projectors


Come and experience a new dimension in cinema sound and picture quality in all of our cinemas!cp2220

The Equipment:
We have installed Christie CP2220 DIGITAL Projectors in all of our auditoriums and is one of the first Cinemas in OZ to be able to run HFR (High Frame Rate) in all of them.

What sets Christie’s CP 2220 Solaria Series apart?
The most significant feature of these projectors is that they are built for tomorrow, meaning not only are they state of the art now in running 2K format, but they are made and prepared for future upgrade to run 4K when it is required.
We have also used IMD Media Blocks in all our Cinema Projectors which can run HFR movies when needed.
All Solaria projectors have precise brilliant color that you expect from Christie with superior contrast ratios and the light output necessary to light up even the largest auditoriums.
3D is already taking movies and the theatre experience to new and exciting levels with the incredible images that make the screen look deeper then ever before.

Please Note :
Keep your glasses and bring them back when you watch your next 3D Movie, this will save you $1 which helps your pocket and our planet.